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Founded in 1899, Kambeitz Farms is a 5th generation farming operation founded on the site of the present day Sedley, Saskatchewan farm yard site. The farm has undergone inter-generational changes of ownership and management, and today has emerged as a recognized leader in modern Canadian agribusiness. Since 1979, Kambeitz Farms has provided a fertile environment for the development and evaluation of the world’s most innovative dry land farming equipment. Today, Kambeitz Farms is a 40,000 acre farming operation with lands located in a 50 km vicinity of East and South East Regina.

Through its international food brand Purely Canada Foods™ KF is a strong contributor to Saskatchewan’s agricultural export sector, growing food for a growing world. Our durum wheat makes the world’s finest pasta. Our canola oil is praised by both chefs and doctors alike. Our Lentils provide the necessary protein for families in emerging countries, and our hard red spring wheat bakes the finest breads in Europe’s bakeries.

The KF Agri- Innovation Center utilizes, applies, evaluates and improves Innovative Land Management Equipment and Agri-Input Technologies.  At Kambeitz Farms, we recognize that the availability of productive land is slowly decreasing while the world's population continues to grow at a rapid pace. This growing disparity between available land for food production and people to feed motivates us at KF to increase yields while sustaining the land we grow on. It is also the driving force behind our commitment to delivering the food we grow safely and securely to its final destination. With the initiation and ongoing commitment to our KF Identity Integrity (KFii) Program, it is our goal is to preserve the integrity of every grain grown as it makes its way through the logistics chain to the tables of the world.

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