Our Pedigree

KF Pedigree: A distinguished, excellent ancestry.

Building from a rich history, Kambeitz Farms focuses on being leaders in agriculture through technology evaluation, testing and product development at our KF Agri-Innovation Centre located ten miles south east of Regina.

Starting with the testing and evaluation of Canada's first commercially manufactured air seeder, the Prasco Super Seeder, KF went on to co-develop Canada’s first dual application fertilizer and seeding ground tools which were later manufactured and marketed under the successful Dutch Knife brand. Among our other initial product introductions, KF co-led development, manufacturing, and testing of Canada’s first large diameter land rollers, parallel arm linkage disc drill no till openers, liquid fertilizer high pressure injectors, chaff and residue spreaders, air nozzle mechanical-self propelled sprayers, and Canada’s first GPS guidance and precision farming equipment using differentiated AM radio signals.

"Today, the KF Agri-Innovation Centre serves as a nucleus for evaluation, testing and product improvement operations."